CPP Variables and Constants

Regarding all zip files for download.

  • All downloadable zip files contains a Microsoft Visual CPP solution with code examples.
  • Needed tools for all examples can be found in the right menu on this page.
Using function sifeof() Download
To find how much a data type will occupy you can use the function sizeof(). SizeOf.zip
Defining variables Download
To define a variable you start with the type and then the variable name. DefineVariables.zip
Using typedef Download
We use typedef to create alias name for a variable type. Typedef.zip
Integer to Character casting Download
Any integer type variable can be casted to a char type. IntToChar.zip
Enumerated Constant Download
A Enumerated Constant enable you to create new types and then to define variables of those types whose values are restricted to a set of possible values. UsingEnum.zip
Expressions &statements Download
Shows how to use expressions & statements. Statements.zip
Prefix and postfix operator Download
Shows how to use postfix operator PrefixPostfix.zip
Multidimensional arrays Download
Shows how to use multidimensional arrays Arrays.zip

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