Simple Servlet tutorial

About this tutorial.

  • This tutorial is an example of using Servlets. It is about registering cars to a Car-park and let the servlet response to the client with a list of all registered cars each time a new car is registered.
  • We are not using any persistent storage in this example so all registered cars will be stored in a Vector which is stored in the user session object. Therefore, when the session is ended all data is gone. A similar Servlet application with use of persistent storage can be found in the Servlet Examples.
  • It is recommended that you study all the subjects that are under Java Servlets menu.
  • If you just want to look through the solution of this tutorial you can download it here

Need to know before this.

  • Basic knowledge about HTML and CSS.
  • You should have learned and understood everything under Java Basic.

Regarding all zip files for download.

  • All downloadable zip files contains a Netbeans IDE project with code examples.
  • Needed tools for all examples/tutorials can be found in the right menu on this page.

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