What is Javascript?.

Facts about JavaScript.

  • The company, Netscape, designed JavaScript to provide an easy programming tools for HTML design.
  • The official name of the language, according to the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturer's Association) standard, is ECMAScript, which defines the core of the JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is much more than just what is defined in ECMA. Indeed, a complete JavaScript implementation is made up of the following three distinct parts:
    The Core JavaScript (ECMAScript) The Document Object Model (DOM) The Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • All codings in JavaScript are case-sensitive.
  • JavaScript has only three primitive data types, which are numbers, strings and boolean values.
  • Javascript is an object-oriented tools, which means you can work with objects as datatypes.
  • JavaScript is a loosely typed language, meaning that no variable can clearly be defined with a specific type (we use only the general type, var, for numbers, booleans, strings, objects and so on).
    var myvariable=10;
    // It is also legal to omit the "var" keyword, but not recommended:
  • JavaScript is an interpreted language, which means that the script executes without any preliminary compilation.
  • JavaScript will consist of several lines of executable script code, which in one way or another are included in an HTML page.
  • JavaScript is used mainly as a tool to develope dynamic web pages on the client side, ie in a user's browser.
  • JavaScript will work in all the major browsers available today ( Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari ), but the use of JavaScript can vary in some topics that are involved.
  • The syntax of JavaScript is a bit like java or C/C++, but it is also the only similarity with these programming tools (They are far more complex).
    for(var i=0 ; i < "text".length; i++ ) {

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