The HTML Attribute reference.

"cols" - html Attribute

  • Specifies columns for a frameset element or a textarea element.

Value(s): Look at the details for each element.
Used in the element(s):
Elements Description
frameset The element is a frame container for dividing a window into rectangular subspaces called frames.Attribute, cols, usage:
  • Specifies the layout of vertical frames. It is a comma-separated list of pixels, percentages, and relative lengths.
  • The default value is 100%, meaning one column
textarea This element is used in forms to get multiple lines of text from the user.Attribute, cols, usage:
  • Specifies the visible width in average character widths. Users should be able to enter longer lines than this, so user agents should provide some means to scroll through the contents of the control when the contents extend beyond the visible area. User agents may wrap visible text lines to keep long lines visible without the need for scrolling.

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