The HTML Attribute reference

"valign" - html Attribute

  • Specifies the vertical position of data within a cell.

Value(s): top, middle, bottom or baseline

Possible attribute values for this element:
Attribute value description
top Cell data is flush with the top of the cell.
middle Cell data is centered vertically within the cell. This is the default value.
bottom Cell data is flush with the bottom of the cell.
baseline All cells in the same row as a cell whose valign attribute has this value should have their textual data positioned so that the first text line occurs on a baseline common to all cells in the row. This constraint does not apply to subsequent text lines in these cells.
Used in the element(s):
Elements Description
col This element defines attributes common to a table column.
colgroup COLGROUP groups a set of 'col' elements. It allows you to group several semantically related columns together.
tbody This element is used to define the body section in a table.
td This element defines a data cell in a table.
tfoot This element is used to define the foot section in a table.
th This element defines a header cell in a table.
thead This element is used to define the head section in a table.
tr This element defines a table row.

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