The HTML Attribute reference.

"value" - html Attribute

  • The attribute has different meanings depending on the element it is associated with.

Value(s): Look at each element for details.
Used in the element(s):
Elements Description
button This element defines a submit button, reset button, or push button.Attribute, value, usage:
  • Assigns the initial value to the button
  • If the button is a part of a form (inside it), then the name contents is the parameter key and the value contents is the value of the parameter key in an submit of the form.
input This element defines a form control for the user to enter input.Attribute, value, usage:
  • Specifies the initial value of the control. It is optional except when the type attribute has the value "radio" or "checkbox".
li This element defines a list item.Attribute, value, usage:
  • Sets the number of the current list item. Note that while the value of this attribute is an integer, the corresponding label may be non-numeric
option This element defines a menu choice within a SELECT menu. Attribute, value, usage:
  • Specifies the initial value of the control. If this attribute is not set, the initial value is set to the contents of the OPTION element.
param This element provides parameters for the 'object' and 'applet' elements. Attribute, value, usage:
  • Specifies the value of a run-time parameter specified by name. Property values have no meaning to HTML; their meaning is determined by the object in question.

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