The HTML Attribute reference.

"width" - html Attribute (deprecated)

  • This attribute specifies the width of the rule. The default width is 100%, i.e., the rule extends across the entire canvas.
  • You should use styles (CSS) instead. (except for the object and iframe element)

Used in the element(s):
Elements Description
applet (deprecated) This element is used to embed Java applets.Attribute, width, usage:
  • Specifies the initial width of the applet's display area (excluding any windows or dialogs that the applet creates).
col This element defines attributes common to a table column.Attribute, width, usage:
  • Specifies a default width for each column spanned by the current COL element.
  • It has the same meaning as the width attribute for the COLGROUP element and overrides it.
colgroup COLGROUP groups a set of 'col' elements. It allows you to group several semantically related columns together. Attribute, width, usage:
  • specifies a default width for each column in the current column group. In addition to the standard pixel, percentage, and relative values, this attribute allows the special form "0*" (zero asterisk) which means that the width of the each column in the group should be the minimum width necessary to hold the column's contents.
  • This attribute is overridden for any column in the column group whose width is specified via a COL element.
hr Draws a horizontal line.
iframe This element defines an inline frame for the inclusion of other HTML documents.Attribute, width, usage:
  • The width of the inline iframe.
img This element specifies an inline image to be drawn in the place.Attribute, width, usage:
  • Overrides width of the image
object This element is used to include objects such as images, audio, videos, Java applets, and Flash animations. Attribute, width, usage:
  • When specified, the width and height attributes tell user agents to override the natural image or object size in favor of these values.
pre This element shows preformatted text as it is included, with exactly specified whitespace, blank lines and such.Attribute, width, usage:
  • Provides a hint to visual user agents about the desired width of the formatted block. The user agent can use this information to select an appropriate font size or to indent the content appropriately. The desired width is expressed in number of characters. This attribute is not widely supported currently.
table The HTML table model allows you to arrange text, images, links, forms, form fields, other tables, etc. into rows and columns of cells.Attribute, width, usage:
  • Specifies the desired width of the entire table and is intended for visual user agents. When the value is a percentage value, the value is relative to the user agent's available horizontal space. In the absence of any width specification, table width is determined by the user agent.
td This element defines a data cell in a table. Attribute, width, usage:
  • Supplies user agents with a recommended cell width.
th This element defines a header cell in a table.Attribute, width, usage:
  • Supplies user agents with a recommended cell width.

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