The HTML Elements reference.

"div" - html element

  • This element offer a generic mechanism for adding structure to documents.
  • The <DIV> tag is used to divide a document up into artificial sections such as chapters, sections, appendix and so on.
  • Starttag <div> is Required and endtag </div> is Required
  • Browsers that support the div - element : Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari

align (deprecated), class , dir , id , lang , style , title

Attribute "align" value(s): depend on which element left, center, right or justify
  • Specifies the horizontal alignment of its element with respect to the surrounding context.
  • You should use styles (CSS) instead.
Possible attribute, align, values for this element:
Attribute value description
left Text lines are rendered flush left.
center Text lines are centered.
right Text lines are rendered flush right.
justify Text lines are justified to both margins.

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