The CSS reference

"background-color" - css property (v. css 1)

  • This property sets the background color of an element.
  • Initial value: transparent
  • The property is not inherited
  • HTML usage: all elements
  • Browsers that support the background-color - property :
    Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari

Possible color values:

values Comments CSS
transparant It make the underlying colors shine through. 1
Color name HTML and CSS color specification defines 147 color names (17 standard colors plus 130 more). You find all the named color through the drop-down selection in the color picker below. 1
#value A hexadecimal value representing a color in the form of Red Green and Blue components each with a value btween 00 - FF. 1
inherit Will inherit the value from parent specification. This property value is new with CSS 2. 2
Color picker:

Selected Color:

Harmonious colors:

Property "background-color" example:

<style type="text/css">
  body {
   background-color: #0076E4;
  div {
    margin: 10% 40% 10% 40%;
    background: #ffffff  center;
    height: 60%;

<div ></div>

Javascript access:

// To SET values ([o] is the target object)
[o].style.backgroundColor="background-color value"
// To GET values you must first get the computed style object
// To get that object in IE or Opera:
var cStyle=[o].currentStyle;
// To get that object in Firefox, Chrome or Safari (w3c-type):
var cStyle=window.getComputedStyle([o],null)
// To GET the property value:;
var value=cStyle.backgroundColor;
/* IE and Opera will return
   a hexa-decimal string value (ex.: #FFFFFF)
   Firefox, Chrome and Safari will return
   a rgb string value (ex.: rgb(255,255,255))*/
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