Javascript Globals reference

Javascript build-in global object reference.

Global Methods:

Syntax: decodeURI(URI)
Decodes a URI which has been encoded with encodeURI.

Is primarily intended for use with query string that is added to a Web address to make sure it is not misinterpreted as some of the other parts of the address.

Return value: A decoded string
URI: URI string to be decoded.
An example of using the decodeURI() :

Global Properties:

Infinity : A numeric value that represents positive infinity.
NaN : The not-a-number value.
undefined : The undefined value. Appear for a variable that has been declared but never had a value assigned to it or any value type that does not exist.

Global Objects:

To create an array: new Array([param])
You uses the new keyword to create an array object.
To use as a function: Array([param])
When the Array object is used as a function the return will be an array as well.
param: The param argument is optional. If it is absent an empty array is returned.

If the param argument is present it can be one of the following:

  1. A number indicating the size of the array you want to create.
  2. A comma separated list of data values the array shall contain.
An example of using the new Array(param):
<script type="text/javascript">
var stringArr= new Array("Boolean","Math","Number","Object","String");
document.write("String array: "+stringArr+"<br>");
var arrObj= new Array(10);
document.write("Array with 10 undefined elements: "+arrObj+"<br>");

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