Where to write Javascript?.

Writing javascript code.

  • As Javascript is a Client programming tool it must be included in a web-page.
  • The HTML offer an element, script, with the start tag <script> and the end tag </script> where you can include your Javascript code.
  • For the script element the HTML specification required that you must specify the "type" attribute. It could work without, which depend on the browser, but is is not recomended.
  • There is three ways to include your javascript coding:
    1. Directly inside the web-page

      Write your javascript directly inside the start tag <script> and the end tag </script>
      <script type="text/javascript">
          document.write("I am learning Javascript!");
    2. As an external resource

      Specifies a location with the "src" attribute where the browser will find an external file containing the javascripts.
      <script type="text/javascript" src="Javascript/Example1.js">
      In this case the external file including path specification, Javascript/Example1.js, contains:
      document.write("I am learning Javascript!");
    3. Javascript, HTML events

      You can write the script statements for all HTML events.
        <body onclick="document.write('Testing onclick event')" >
         click on me!
  • If it is not given any special requirements, it is normal to add script element with JavaScript code within the HTML head element.
  • You can specify as many script elements on the same web-page as you want, but remember they will be executed in the order they are included.

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