HTML Element Reference

"base" - html element

  • The BASE element defines the document's base URI for resolving relative URIs contained within the document.
  • Starttag <base> is Required and endtag </base> is forbidden
  • A document can contain only one BASE element.
  • If the BASE tag is not specified the current document URL is used as the base.
  • The BASE element must appear inside the header section ('head' ), prior to any elements that include a partial URI.
  • Browsers that support the base - element : Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari

href , target

Attribute "href" value(s): uri
  • Specifies the location of a Web resource, thus defining a link between the current element (the source anchor) and the destination anchor defined by this attribute. Specifies an absolute URI that acts as the base URI for resolving relative URIs.

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