HTML Element Reference

"meta" - html element

  • Metatags are a way for you to define your web page and web site to the outside world.
  • Starttag <meta> is Required and endtag </meta> is forbidden
  • It should placed inside the header section ('head' ).
  • You can declare keywords and description, which help your with placement in the search engines.
  • In addition, you can specify who owns the copyright, how often the page is to be visited by search engines and many other useful pieces of information.
  • Browsers that support the meta - element : Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari

content (required), dir , http-equiv , lang , name , scheme

Attribute "content" value(s): sequence of characters
  • Specifies a property's value for a meta element.
  • The HTML specification does not list legal values for this attribute.

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