The HTML Attribute reference.

"onblur" - html Event

  • The onblur event occurs when an element loses focus either by the pointing device or by tabbing navigation. It may be used with the same elements as onfocus.

Value(s): One or more script statements each ended with a semicolon.

Event "onblur" example:
    <form name="myform" action="">
      <input type="text" name="q" value="w3c"
             onblur="alert(this.type+' lost focus')"/>
      Focus test:
      <input type="checkbox"
             onfocus="document.myform.q.value=this.type+' in focus';"
             onblur="alert(this.type+' lost focus')"/>
      <button id="mybutton" title="Show on goggle"
               type="submit" value="Search">
        Search google</button>
Used in the element(s):
Elements Description
a The A element denotes an anchor; a hypertext link or the destination of a link.
area This element defines a map region on a client-side image.
button This element defines a submit button, reset button, or push button.
input This element defines a form control for the user to enter input.
label This element associates a label with a form control.
select This element defines a form control for the selection of options. It is is most useful within a FORM.
textarea This element is used in forms to get multiple lines of text from the user.

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