The HTML Attribute reference.

"target" - html Attribute

  • Specifies the name of a frame where a document is to be opened. Look in the table below for other alternatives.
  • The TARGET attribute value ( in the table below) is case-insensitive, so that _top and _TOP both have the same meaning.

Value(s): frame target

Possible attribute values for this element:
Attribute value description
{frame name} Renders the links to a frame or iframe.
_blank Renders the links in a new, unnamed window.
_self Renders the links in the current frame.
_parent Renders the links in the immediate FRAMESET parent.
_top Renders the links in the full, unframed window.
Used in the element(s):
Elements Description
a The A element denotes an anchor; a hypertext link or the destination of a link.
area This element defines a map region on a client-side image.
base The BASE element defines the document's base URI for resolving relative URIs contained within the document.
form This element defines an interactive form.
link This element is designed to define a relationship between documents.

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