CPP this Pointer

The this Pointer.

  • Every class member function has a hidden pointer: the this pointer, which points to "this" individual object.
  • In some cases the this pointer can be a powerful tool.
    Here is an Example
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class Rectangle {
        void setLength(int length)
          { this->length = length; } // this object length= parameter length
        int getLength() const
          { return length; }
        void setWidth(int width)
          { this->width = width; } // this object width= parameter width
        int getWidth() const
          { return width; }
        int length;
        int width;
    int main() {
       Rectangle * pRectangle = new Rectangle;
       cout << "The Rectangle length is " << pRectangle->getLength() << endl;  
       delete pRectangle;
       pRectangle=0; // Good rule but not necessary at this place
       return 0;
    When we run this application the result could be:
    The Rectangle length is 34

    You can download this example here (needed tools can be found in the right menu on this page).

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