Java Documentation

Documentation Comments.

Java supports both C-style block comments delimited by /* and */ and C++-style line comments indicated by //:
/*  This is a
      comment.    */

  // This is a single-line comment
  // and so // is this

Javadoc Comments.

  • A block comment beginning with /** indicates a special doc comment.
  • A doc comment is terminated by the next */
  • lines beginning with @ are interpreted as special instructions.
  • You can then use the javadoc tool to creates HTML documentation for all classes and interfaces.
    Javadoc comment tags:
    Tag Description Applies to
    @see Associated class name Class, method, or variable
    @author Author name Class
    @version Version string Class
    @param Parameter name and description Method
    @return Description of return value Method
    @exception Exception name and description Method
    @deprecated Declares an item to be obsolete Class, method, or variable
    @since Notes API version when item was added Variable
    Javadoc Comments program example:
         * I think this class is possibly the most amazing thing you will
         * ever see. Let me tell you about my own personal vision and
         * motivation in creating it.
         * <p>
         * It all began when I was a small child, growing up on the
         * streets of Idaho. Potatoes were the rage, and life was good...
         * @see PotatoPeeler
         * @see PotatoMasher
         * @author kaare
         * @version 1.00, 19. jan 2009
    public class Main {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.print("It is only a demo!");
    Using javadoc command on this program gives this documentation.
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