Java Interface Anonymous.

Java Interface and anonymous inner class

  • Anonymous inner class is a class that has no name and the implementation is combined with instantiation of an object.
  • Can also be created through extending a class, but in this case as implementing an interface.
    Using an interface implementation example:
    interface Reputation {
      // default method
      default public String getInfo() {
        return "Bad for business";
    class Car {
      private String initialReputation=null;
      private List<String> reputations= new ArrayList<String>();
      public Car() {
      public Car(String initialReputation) {
      public void addReputation(String reputation) {
      Reputation obj = new Reputation() {   // Anonymous inner class
        @Override       // Overriding interface default method
        public String getInfo() {
          String returns ="";
          if (initialReputation==null){
            returns = Reputation.super.getInfo();
          }else {
           returns = initialReputation; 
          for (String ret : reputations) {
            returns +="\n"+ret;
          return returns;
    public class CarReputationApp {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        Car myCar1 = new Car("High performance"); // instantiated object of class car
        myCar1.addReputation("New car");
        myCar1.addReputation("Comfortable to drive");
        myCar1.addReputation("Low price");
        System.out.println("Car 1 reputations:\n" + myCar1.obj.getInfo());
        Car myCar2 = new Car();
        System.out.println("\nCar 2 reputations:\n" + myCar2.obj.getInfo());
    The result of this is:
    Car 1 reputations:
    High performance
    New car
    Comfortable to drive
    Low price
    Car 2 reputations:
    Bad for business
    You can download this example here (needed tools can be found in the right menu on this page).
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