Java Method Overloading.

Java Method Overloading

  • Method overloading is the ability to define multiple methods with the same name in a class.
  • Compiler selects the proper method from those who are overloaded during compilation.
  • Compiler picks the correct method based on the number and type of all the parameters passed to the method.
  • Differentiation only in return type between methods does not provide overloaded methods.
    Method Overloading example:
    public class MethodOverloading {
    // 1. printlist for integers (overloaded method)
      public void printList(Integer[] list) {
        for (Object o : list) {
    // 2. printlist for strings (overloaded method)
      public void printList(String[] list) {
        for (String o : list) {
      public static void main(String args[]) {
        String[] priceCat = {"Low", "Middle", "High"};
        // this will use the 2. printlist method
        new MethodOverloading().printList(priceCat);
        Integer[] prices = {56, 66, 78};
         // this will use the 1. printlist method
        new MethodOverloading().printList(prices);
    The result of this is:
    You can download this example here (needed tools can be found in the right menu on this page).
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