SQL Where Comparison .

Using Comparison operators with WHERE statement.

  • SQL provides a variety of operators and keywords for expressing the search condition, which include these:
  • Comparison operators (=, <, >, and so on)

    Possible comparision operators:
    Operator Meaning
    = equal to
    > greater than
    < less than
    >= greater than or equal to
    <= less than or equal to
    <> or != not equal to
    MySQL, Oracle, SQL server, PostgreSQL:
    select isbn_no "ISBN where order is over $100" ,
      ITEM_QTY * price "Order in $"
      from order_books
      where ITEM_QTY * price > 100 ;
    The result should be:
    ISBN where order is over $100 Order in $
    1861002025 190
    0764579088 140
    0201703092 390
    1861002025 190
  • To select data from columns containing text use always text surrounded with '(single quotes) for the selection.
    MySQL, Oracle, SQL server, PostgreSQL:
    select * from us_states  
       where US_STATE_CD>='CA'  and US_STATE_CD<='CZ'  
    The result should be:
    CA California
    CO Colorado
    CT Conneticut
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