SQL Using Views.

Create and Remove a VIEW

  • A view creates a virtual table from a SELECT statement and opens up a world of flexibility for data analysis and manipulation.
  • You can create a view using any of these objects or combinations of objects:
    • A single table.
    • More than one table.
    • Another view.
    • Multiple views.
    • Combinations of views and tables.
  • The SELECT statement on the view can have almost any complexity and
  • In multiple-object views, you can use joins, subqueries or combinations of the two.
  • They do not exist as independent entities in the database as "real" tables do.
  • You can query views much as you query tables.
  • Modifying data through views is restricted.

Create VIEW

Create View - Syntax:
CREATE VIEW view_name [(column_name [, column_name]...)]
Create a view that lists Customers with shipping address and phone but only for those that have a 'Work' phone:
SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL :
Create view CustomerInfoView (CustomerId, CustomerName,
   ShippingAddress, CITY, ZIP,  WorkPhone )
select c.customer_id, CONCAT(Last_name,CONCAT(' ',First_name)),
   Addr_line, city, zip,  telephone_number
from customers c , addresses a,  telephones t
WHERE c.customer_id=a.customer_id
  AND c.customer_id=t.customer_id
  and Address_type='Shipping'
  and telephone_type='Work'
You can try the view as the view already is created:
select * from CustomerInfoView;
The result should be:
CustomerId Customer Name Shipping Address CITY ZIP WorkPhone
10001 Nixon Ricard 4415 Metro Parkway Fort Myers Calford 32420 (978) 667-94
10003 Bowman Judith 2581 Richmond Terrace Staten Island Mappleton 14008 (371) 143-54

Remove VIEW

Removal of views are performed in the same way as for tables.

Remove VIEW - Syntax:
DROP VIEW view_name;
View example:
SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL :
DROP VIEW CustomerInfoView;
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