Javascript Dates reference.

Javascript build-in Date object reference.

Create dates:

Prototype Methods:

Syntax: getTime()
Converts date and time in a date object to a single integer that is a millisecond representation of the date object.

Millisecond representation of a date is independent of the time zone.

Return value: The millisecond representation of the adjusted Date object.
An example of using the getTime() :

Constructor (Date) Methods:

Syntax: Date.parse(string)
Parses the date contained in this string and returns it in millisecond format, which can be used directly to create a new Date object or set a date with the setTime() method.
Return value: Milliseconds between the specified date and time and midnight GMT on January 1, 1970.
string: A string containing the date and time to be parsed.
An example of using the parse() :

Prototype Properties:

Syntax: Date.prototype.constructor
This property of the Date.prototype holds the reference back to the Date object.
Important note: This is the same as the constructor property of an instantiated object

Constructor (Date) Properties:

Syntax: Date.constructor
The constructor property is a reference to the function that will be invoked to create a Date object.

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