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"azimuth" - css property (v. css 2)

  • Sets stylistic property for aural presentation.
  • This property is most likely to be implemented by mixing the same signal into different channels at differing volumes.
  • It might also use phase shifting, digital delay, and other such techniques to provide the illusion of a sound stage.
  • The precise means used to achieve this effect and the number of speakers used to do so are user agent-dependent; this property merely identifies the desired end result.
  • Initial value: center
  • The property is inherited
  • HTML usage: all elements
  • Browsers that support the azimuth - property :
    Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari
Typical usage:
h1   { azimuth: 30deg }
td.a { azimuth: far-right }          /*  60deg */
#12  { azimuth: behind far-right }   /* 120deg */
p.comment { azimuth: behind }        /* 180deg */

Possible azimuth values:

Values Comments CSS
[angle] Position is described in terms of an angle within the range '-360deg' to '360deg'. The value '0deg' means directly ahead in the center of the sound stage. '90deg' is to the right, '180deg' behind, and '270deg' (or, equivalently and more conveniently, '-90deg') to the left. 2
left-side Same as '270deg'. With 'behind', '270deg'. 2
far-left Same as '300deg'. With 'behind', '240deg'. 2
left Same as '320deg'. With 'behind', '220deg'. 2
center-left Same as '340deg'. With 'behind', '200deg'. 2
center Same as '0deg'. With 'behind', '180deg'. 2
center-right Same as '20deg'. With 'behind', '160deg'. 2
right Same as '40deg'. With 'behind', '140deg'. 2
far-right Same as '60deg'. With 'behind', '120deg'. 2
right-side Same as '90deg'. With 'behind', '90deg'. 2
leftwards Moves the sound to the left, relative to the current angle. More precisely, subtracts 20 degrees. Arithmetic is carried out modulo 360 degrees. Note that 'leftwards' is more accurately described as "turned counter-clockwise," since it always subtracts 20 degrees, even if the inherited azimuth is already behind the listener. 2
rightwards Moves the sound to the right, relative to the current angle. More precisely, adds 20 degrees. 2
inherit Will inherit the value from parent specification. 2
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