The CSS reference

"elevation" - css property (v. css 2)

  • Sets where the sound should come from.
  • Initial value: level
  • The property is inherited
  • HTML usage: all elements
  • The precise means used to achieve this effect and the number of speakers used to do so are undefined.
  • Browsers that support the elevation - property :
    Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari
Typical usage:
h1   { elevation: above }
tr.a { elevation: 60deg }
tr.b { elevation: 30deg }
tr.c { elevation: level }

Possible elevation values:

Values Comments CSS
[angle] Specifies the elevation as an angle, between '-90deg' and '90deg'. '0deg' means on the forward horizon, which loosely means level with the listener. '90deg' means directly overhead and '-90deg' means directly below. 2
below Same as '-90deg'. 2
level Same as '0deg'. 2
above Same as '90deg'. 2
higher Adds 10 degrees to the current elevation. 2
lower Subtracts 10 degrees from the current elevation. 2
inherit Will inherit the value from parent specification. 2
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